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Guddies Planet buy and pay later allows you to buy any product exhibited on our website on credit and pay back on installment for up to 3 months.

What is Buy and Pay Later?
Buy and Pay Later is a consumer credit service from guddiesplanet.com that enables shoppers to buy goods on credit and pay at a future date.

Who is eligible?
This service is currently available to only salary earners for now, whether you are working with a private or government firm, you are eligible to apply.

Measures are being taken on how to include all and sundry including students, retirees, business people and those who are self employed.

What are the required documents?
1. A valid means of identification e.g International Passport, National ID Card, Voter’s Card, Driving Licence etc
2. Bank statement for the past 6 months
3. Work ID Card or Employment Letter

What are the procedures?

Please read and follow this instruction to ease the process:

  • Visit our registration portal here
  • Fill in the required documents and information
  • Wait for credit approval
  • After credit have been awarded, then go back to guddiesplanet.com to place an order for any product equivalent to the credit you’ve been given.
  • When checking out, select Pay Later as the payment method, enter your BVN ,then your Buy and Pay Later order will be completed.


If you have any further questions please call us on this number – 08029292877 or mail us – contact@guddiesplanet.com


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